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Independence Day

Independence Day (14th August 1947):

Today, at Independence Day attempt has been made to write about Nationalism, and its importance with provided reason of existence, plus suggestions to escalate at our own have also been provided. Hope to have enjoyable reading.


Since long back in history humans have known to be living in societies, communes, or any form for living together, so it be villages, towns or name it anything; Governed with multiple styles and forms. Primarily living together provides benefit of perceived security and concept of synergy. Till date these two major components prevail at national scale too. Not only were these two major reasons of living together; another element which keeps humans bounded with one another, especially in short run is “We and the Enemy” approach.


We & the Enemy:

This means that humans tend to make groups, group members are “we” and rest fall as enemy; till they have joint enemy they are likely to stay together; once that enemy has been taken over they tend to make more groups and began to develop conflicts over further minor self interests. Assumed famous example about this can be proven with simple thinking, that this world can easily be joined together when they can see a joint enemy; clear examples are world wars. Two major groups agreed to join; as they could see another stronger enemy. In case of joining whole world together we may take example of any aliens or any other external force threatening the globe; and whole world will join together.


Working together and jointly will definitely provide fruits of mutual security and synergy. This shows that in order to get better living standards it is important to have humans working mutually. Well to attain this, simplest way seems to be “we & the enemy” approach, knowingly or not knowingly, politicians all across the globe try to use this philosophy to get higher vote bank. Even in case of cold war or any other mass scale grouping over school of thought, groups become stronger if they perceive other party as their enemy/opponent. So be grounds of intellect or war.


With enough of discussion over “We and the Enemy” it is no difficult to understand that truth behind philosophy of Nationalism too is same approach. Either it is negative or positive; this will be elaborated further; for now let us define Nationalism:


“Mass scale love filled devoted interest for one’s nation, culture, independence or a desire to be independent nation directing to school of thought that nation is above all and needs to work independently than collaboratively with rest of world is known as nationalism.”


Initially humans have been living and working in small communities and religious groups, hence before concept of nations itself; nationalism did exist. In those times, it was about loyalty towards one school of thought, locality, or religious group. Localities were taken over by religious regimes, and latter these religious or ethnic based groups were further taken over by concept of nations.


Nationalism has been considered as major factor contributing to lots of wars, including world wars as said above. Because with concept of Nationalism one forgets to understand and believe in ideas of others, once nationalistic feelings attain hype it attain enough power to do wonders; to utilize this we have seen example of “Mother Russia” where whole nation were working just for the sake of Nationalism, believing that everything belongs to state/holy mother. Capitalist State or Socialist, Importance of Nationalism cannot be ignored as it bounds nation overall (all members) towards one goal. Once awaken fully; it helps eliminating negativities of crime, corruption, betrayal and others alike. Failure to stop this powerful flow of Nationalism, if triggered at grounds of “We & the Enemy”, may trigger all out war, revolt or civil war. Hence its power needs to be well understood and managed accordingly.

Why Nations?

In case Nations or societies were established just with reason of attaining security and synergy; had this been only reason, whole world would have joined USA, making one nation of whole world. This primarily is due to different school of thoughts, living styles, cultures and religions for which different Nations urge to exist. So is the case with movements willing to attain liberation from existence Nations. This also nullify American stance of attacking any nation for good, because they too are developed and will help developing other nations; had it been the case. All nations would initiate movement to get aligned.


Humans love freedom; so is the case with any other living being; but freedom does not just mean being out of bounds. For living in society with one another there needs to be some bounds; otherwise it will all be law of jungle. Hence it can be concluded that it is about being bounded with own wishes at styles, nullifying further that Democracy is holy system for complete world. Every Nation has its own wishes to fill; and they may govern their operations as per their wishes. This elaborates that reason Nations exists is primarily due to mass scale wish of governing their lives according to common believe, plus to defend that believe system they need mutual strength and synergy to work and live happily. Regardless which economic and governance system they decide to live with. So they can live happily and with peace of mind.


This leads to further understanding that Nations utmost reason of existence is happiness, comfort, peace of mind and satisfaction of its people. More satisfaction than they would have attained being part of any other nation or system.

Importance of Nationalism:

While reading about “we & the enemy” approach, one might have felt that rationally Nationalism is ironically foolish to believed in. As such system seems to be quite wild and ignorant. Unfortunately this is how the world has been, and the modern world is. Probably this is how it is likely to be in future. Because it is human nature to exert “need for power” over others often by snubbing; which at mass scale get executed by snubbing other's believe system/economic system or governance system.


Hence there will always be conflicts and one Nation will desire to influence over other. To safeguard mass level mutual interest, there has to be Nation with believe that their Nation is first priority; so collaborative effort will lead to higher productivity. Plus in race of competition among different states, provided it is healthy (No Wars) world overall is likely to progress more. Other than that, Humans can hardly be trusted by one and another; so they need security from one another. For this devotion towards Nation and Nationalism can help residents to be bounded.


To live in this world; Nationalism is important for one’s self satisfaction and progress of nations. This is true especially for underdeveloped and developing nations needing to progress at faster pace. It means that Nationalism needs to be glorified; as whole Nation needs to be determined towards one goal. For mass Scale Management; it is very important to glorify Nationalism and make everyone work in favor of Nation.

Ways of Enhancing Nationalism:

Affiliation with renowned and successful personalities must be aligned with Nationalism, making it believed, that love for their Nation was primary reason of their work. So should be motivation of complete nation; motivating masses for National good, that will bring good to overall society for sure.

At individual level; what can we do to enhance Nationalism?

-          Independence Day:

o   Celebrate Independence day with full zeal and zest, assuring not to hurt others; but to raise flag, buy cake. In case of being religious; thank God for being lucky and promise God that you will bring good to society, as only than thanking for heavenly blessing can be justified.

-          Celebrations

o   During Other official and personal celebration, element of Nationalism needs to be brought it, and snub those with confidence who try to make fun. Deliver positive speeches about subject that no matter with which style we think; our Nation is our identity and we need to uplift it. Even though it will take time; but it will be elevated.

-          Respect for Flag

o   Flag is major representation of Nation; respect for flag needs to be of very high level. Even at home, it needs to be taught to children that National Flag must never be torn away, must never be placed at floor. Rather it needs to have religious respect. Here is no harm in saluting Flag in public gathering, this visible show of love will enhance your own confidence, and it will also encourage others to present their love for nation.

-          Respect for Nation

o   Just as we need to pay respect to flag, so should be respect for nation as whole. Snub who pass derogatory remarks or comments about Nation; request them to pass comments over policies, government, and any personality. But not over nation; as everyone is part of a nation. And respect for nation needs to stay intact. Strong actions should be taken, wherever slightest of derogatory remarks get passed at media. Currently in Pakistan, Media in fierce competition has long forgotten nationalism in its true spirit; indirectly they try to show that Pakistan is of no good. This leads to overall depression and reduction in Nationalism, such incidents needs not to be tolerated at all. Strong yet responsible protest needs to be registered against such behavior of media. This can be done through networking, blogging, word of mouth and others. At least we need to think that it is bad and communicate to others.

For elevating standard of our Nation, Nationalism needs to be originated with enhanced spirit. By taking these actions at our own; Nationalism will move in positive direction, other than our efforts, government needs to show clear direction and goals of a nation. Doing this can solve a lot of problems, plus overall nation gets a direction to move, further helping Nationalism to rise.


Happy Independence day to All, and to my Sweet Pakistan, I love and respect Pakistan. I am lucky and proud to be a Pakistani. All problems aside, I desire all of my readers to spread this message; “We are lucky and we are proud to be Pakistani”

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