Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day:

At this special occasion when I have been missing my special Abu (Dad); I know even more how much I love him; after I have missed him. I know how much I loved him; and I can well understand it requires a lot of effort to be called by any respected and loved salutation being father.

In this article discussion will comprise over:

· Why Father’s day is celebrated & History

· Importance of Father in Family

· Son-Father Relation

· Daughter-Father Relationship

· Importance of Father’s Day

History of Father’s Day

it is presumed that Idea for "Father's Day" is primarily given by woman with name of "Sonora Smart Dodd"; she got this idea while she was listening to Mother's Day Sermon; Spokane, Washington, USA. (Year 1909)'s_Day

Importance of Father in Family:

Fathers are essentially important in family; commonly known as bread winner. Despite last few decades; all across globe Fathers were considered to be one who could challenge society, safe-guard their families and be lead bread winner. They provide security and keep families bounded by giving common objective to all and setting rules/perceived rules for whole family. In majority of societies they are considered as “Head of Family”. For children of both genders it is very important to have father; or at least fatherly figure.

Son-Father Relationship:

Son Father Relationship is very important; especially till Son attains teen age. Reason can be that Son is likely to carry name of his father; shares hobbies and seems to have same league. This special bond stays there. By time Son attains maturity, majority of these bonds get to break. Few believe that its primary reason is that they share love of same woman (Mother/Wife). Even though; both members may not have slightest of this feel in their conscious mind; but this in longer run can become cause of conflict.

Other than this; male gender often attempts to have “Head of Family” status in family; and fathers are often more particular in raising Sons as they have to carry their name. Due to this in adult hood; father find their sons to be doing more wrong things than daughters. And this critical observation, strict interventions often result in stressed relations at latter stage.

Daughter-Father Relationship (Daddy’s Little Girl):

This is known to be one of most sweet and lovely-dovey relationship; simply flip of “Mama’s Boy” or “Mommy’s Little boy”; these terms are famous due to concept that opposite gender children get tied with parents more affectionately and for longer time. And there are more cases of strongly tied up relationship of opposite gender children than of same.

No doubt; that mother is known to be most loving creature on planet. At times, for girls father may be loving their daughters more than Mothers do. As majority of mothers tend to lover their Son more than daughters. And Fathers tend to love daughters more. Contrary to this; it has also been observed that during or before pregnancy; Males desire to have Son, where Female partner wishes to have girl.

At latter stage; strong Daddy’s seem to be willing to do relatively anything for their daughters. Keeping them feel strongly protected even after, daughters become teens or adults. Hence daughters are found to love their Dad more than Son do.

Importance of Father’s Day:

Just like any celebration; this celebration beers its sheer importance. Especially for children who love their father to establish strong bond with their father. This ceremony enhances love among family members. Plus it makes easier for children to express their gratitude and love to parents; who otherwise may fail to express positive feelings for a very long interval. So at least once in a year; fathers get appreciated for their price-less parenting support towards family.


  1. Nice addition Ayesha............
    aap to chupi rustam nikleen:)
    welldone and keep it up.........

  2. Good to see a new post here :) And the Theme itself is so Lovely!

    About the Father-Son relationship: You've pointed out strange realities. I was surprised to read at once, but then I pondered on and now I'm afraid you're right.

    Someone summed up Father-son/Father-daughter relationship very precisely:

    -A son is a son till he gets himself a wife;
    But a daughter is a daughter all her life!

    Such events have really become very important in the contemporary world where we hardly have any time to EXPRESS love for relations.

    Looking forward to more cool stuff from your side in future. Please dont take so long...

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